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2009/01/13 Runway extension project

The Runway Extension Project begins in March 2009. The eastern end of the runway and parallel taxiway will be extended from 2640 to 3855 ft, the runway will be sealcoated, and the runway and taxiway will be restriped.

In Phase 1 (through May 15), runway 28 will be displaced 500 ft for landing aircraft, reducing the usable length to 2140 ft. Runway lighting and PAPI for 10-28 will be unavailable. The eastern fence will be removed.

In Phase 2 (through June 30), the runway will return to its 2640 ft length, with lighting. PAPI will still be unavailable. 48 hour notice will be given prior to closure for paving.In Phase 3 (after June 30), the eastern fence will be replaced. Sealing and striping will take place, requiring that the runway be closed for a day.