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2006/01/24 New self-service fuel procedures

Procedures at the Fuel Pump for Your Security and Safety

Entering the number of gallons to purchase

Note that you can choose to either:

  • enter the actual number of gallons you wish to purchase, or
  • enter a number of gallons greater than you expect to pump, to "fill up"

When you choose to fill up, your credit/debit card first authorizes based on the number of gallons you enter, then charges you based for the number of gallons you pump. However, the initial authorization remains in place for up to 48 hours, and may possibly limit your available credit or cause checks to bounce until your card company settles the transaction and releases the initial authorization. For example: You enter 50 gallons but pump only 20. Your initial authorization is 50 x $3.99= $199.50. This amount remains unavailable for use until the transaction for 20 gallons, 20 x $3.99= $79.80, is settled.

Timing out

If your transaction has not been approved, the system will timeout after 3 minutes.

After your transaction has been approved, you have 30 minutes to fill one tank.

When you stop pumping, the system will remain active for 5 minutes to allow you to move the ladder and/or hose to the other side of your aircraft. You must begin pumping again within this timeframe or the system will timeout.

Displayed Instructions
  1. "press enter that aircraft is grounded" NEW!
  2. "swipe credit card magnetic stripe facing right"
  3. "select pump #2 100LL
  4. "number of gallons" press enter
  5. "Verifying transaction please wait"
  6. "pull pump handle on"
  7. Remember to turn pump handle off when done.
  8. Your receipt will include only the last four digits of your card number.