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Airport Advisories

Arrivals and Departures:
There is a line of trees parallel to the North of runway 10 and 28, and quarries to the North West and West of the airport. The trees and the quarries can generate significant mechanical and thermal turbulence. This is especially true when the winds are from the West and North West. Please use caution!

Pattern Operations:
Fly left traffic only, pattern altitude as published. When departing runway 28, fly runway heading until at least 400 ft AGL and west of the trailer park before turning south. When landing on runway 28 be mindful of houses on base leg and final approach.
When departing runway 10, please be mindful of the houses in the departure path.
Nearby Obstructions:
Approach to runway 28 and 10  has 8' fence with reflective Orange balls, see Airport Facility Directory. 
There is a 1000 ft AGL (1942 ft MSL) tower on the sectional map 6 nautical miles south-southwest of the airport, WPXJ-TV Channel 51.  This tower is just west of a direct course to Perry-Warsaw (01G).  GPS coordinates of the tower are available in the FCC database at